Tree Surgeon Dunstable

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Tree Surgeon Dunstable

For All Of Your Tree Care Needs

We are professional tree surgeon based in Dunstable and we work with clients in all surrounding areas. Take a look below at some of the services we provide:

Pruning & Shaping

To maintain a natural shape, balance and to encourage new growth.


This reduces the size and volume of your tree and maintains the overall shape.

Tree Felling

Complete removal of a tree, where there are planning issues or if it is dangerous, diseased or dying.

Hedge Trimming

Trim and reduce your hedge to your specific requirements.

Stump Removal

The removal of a stump / stumps, any size.

Tree Preservation Orders Or Conservation Areas

We will complete on your behalf from start to finish.


Involves severe pruning of the branches right back to the trunk.

Dead Wood Removal

Removes dead, dying and dangerous branches.

Crown Thinning

Reduces the density of the trees crown without changing the overall shape and size of your tree.

Branch Removal

Removes any dangerous branches that need to be removed.

Site Clearance

All our green waste is recycled.

Sectional Felling

Where there is limited space ie sheds, garages, greenhouses, Buildings etc we can remove a tree or limbs using lowering techniques.

24 Hour Emergency Call Out

365 Days / Year